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In this consortium, we major in pancreatic cancer, gastroesophageal cancer, biliary tract cancer, including 1st line or 2nd line chemotherapy, immunotherapy or target therapy. Our goals are:

1. Collecting UGI cancers patients’ clinical data and specimen for future clinical trials.

2. Searching new biomarkers for predicting UGI cancers outcome.

3. To help new drugs of international pharmaceutics company or generic drugs/new drugs of domestic pharmaceutics to proceed clinical trials

4. Perform good design PI initiated clinical trials.



1. UGI cancers clinical trial consortium composes by 8 medical centers and cancer research institute of NHRI, and more than 70% cases of UGI cancers were treated by consortium hospitals.

2. For facilitating the clinical trials, we have platform to collect and analyze clinical data for performing early or late phase trials of adjuvant therapy, neoadjuvant therapy, salvage therapy, and operation clinical trials.

Major Achievements


  • Perform more than 100 early cancer clinical trials of international pharmaceutical companies. We have regular meeting with CROs from American, France, and Japan to make communications among PI and CROs.
  • The number of cases recruited in Napoli-1 trial was the highest in the world, and two hospitals received FDA inspection (NCKUH, VGHTPE).
  • We conducted more than 15 early phase clinical trials sponsored by local pharmaceutic companies, including OBI pharma, Senhwa, PharmaEngine, and TTY biopharma. PI will invite sponsor visit our team and PI will evaluate the feasibility of program.
  • Social benefits:
    • We promote the cooperation among hospitals to increase the progress of medical care and facilitate the research and progress in clinical care.
    • Help patients to understand the different regimens in different hospitals to improve patients’ outcome after received suitable treatment regimens from trials.
    • In the social benefit: Our endeavor could recruit patients receive new treatment in medical centers, and patients could get new drug treatment and whole scale care via clinical trials. At the same time, after facilitating the completion of clinical trials, we can increase the reputation of Taiwan in UGI cancers consortium in the world.
    • In economic benefit: Our endeavor could reduce the economic burden from National Health Insurance Administration, and to assist the development of new drug and generic drug of domestic companies.



National Cheng Kung University Hospital / Department of Surgery

National Cheng Kung University Hospital / Department of Oncology

National Cheng Kung University Hospital / Department of Oncology

Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital / Department of Oncology

Taipei Veterans General Hospital / Department of Oncology

Taipei Veterans General Hospital / Department of Oncology

China Medical University Hospital / Department of Oncology

Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital/ Department of Oncology

Contact Information


Shan Yan-Shen

TEL:06-2353535 ext #3116