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Taiwan Clinical Trials ─ Origin

  With the rapid development of international biotechnology industry, various types of research and development have been advanced to the clinical trial stage. Taiwan has invested considerable energy in clinical trials for decades, but in recent years, it has faced intense area competition. In particular, Japan and South Korea have put much effort in multi-regional clinical trials, which have caused Taiwan to face this severe competitive situation. To this end, there is a strong demand for Taiwan to set up a one-stop shop to provide domestic and international partners with key information on Taiwan’s clinical trial environment. "Taiwan Clinical Trials" emerged in 2014 as the times require. With the support of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan, Taiwan Clinical Trials is established and managed by the Center for Drug Evaluation.

  The quality, characteristics, capability, and past achievements of Taiwan's clinical trials is shown to the world through this website. With a user-friendly interface, it can greatly optimize the understanding of current clinical trial capacity in Taiwan, and facilitate clinical trial conduction, drug R&D investment in Taiwan. Meanwhile, through this website, the public can correctly understand the value and importance of clinical trials.

Our Features

1. Taiwan Spotlight and c-IRB: Get information on national health statistics, regulatory overview, c-IRB mechanism, and relevant statistics.
2. Clinical Trial Centers (CTC), Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium (TCTC), and Resources: Learn about the advantages of conducting clinical trials in Taiwan; the capability and performance of Taiwan clinical trial centers and PIs. Consortia of different disease areas, and contact information of local and international CROs and associations.
3. Patients (only in Chinese version): Information on healthy volunteer/patient recruitments, protection, and FAQs.