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2021年 06 / 03


2021 DIA Giveaway: Make Your Own Traditional Taiwanese Sky Lantern

2021 DIA Giveaway

Taiwanese Sky Lantern: Symbolized as hope, safety, and peace.

Traditionally in Taiwan, people set off sky lanterns with written wishes or images into the night sky, as a prayer for peace and good luck for the coming New Year.

  Step1. Print out the file provided below, Traditional Taiwanese Sky Lantern Cut Out.png, with copy printer paper.
             (Print with heavier weight paper, i.e. 209lb printing paper, for better quality.)
  Step2. Cut along the sky lantern pattern and the cut lines.
  Step3. Write down your wishes on the sky lantern.
  Step4. Fold along the dotted lines, form the lantern, and glue all the flaps on the inside of the pieces to the left.  
  Step5. To hang the lantern. Poke a hole on the top. Take a short length of ribbon and fold it in half. Put the ribbon through the hole then tie a knot to make a loop. Pull the ribbon all the way until the knot stops at the hole.