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臺中榮民總醫院 臨床試驗中心Taichung Veterans General Hospital Clinical Trials Center

  • Total Beds1,622
  • Total Doctors934
  • Address1650 Taiwan Boulevard Sec. 4,Xitun,Taichung City 407
  • Phone Number+886-423592525 ext. 4780

1. Smart Healthcare and Decentralized Trial System

2. Development in Cellular Therapy and Innovative Medical Technology

3. Comprehensive Academic Support System from Research Development to Implementation

Site Introduction

Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TCVGH) Clinical Trials Center was established in 2009 and was granted national-level excellence as a clinical trial center in 2024. Through the highest ethical and scientific standards, we promote clinical research with cutting-edge information technology and professional academic support, facilitating medical discoveries and efficacy verification.
We are committed to:
1. Facilitating communication channels between industry sponsors and TCVGH researchers.
2. Providing infrastructure for clinical trials (researchers and facilities).
3. convene IRB consortium in excellent CTCs as well as the other medical centers
4. Promoting international collaboration with academic institutions and industry partners.
5. Maintaining good communication with the Ministry of Health and Welfare's "Clinical Trial Excellence Program" (CTEP).
As Taiwan enters the 21st century, it leaves a profound impression on the world with its enormous potential in medicine, biotechnology, and information technology. In the future, domestic and international pharmaceutical companies, government research institutions, and private entities seeking academic medical centers to validate new diagnostics and therapies will find that TCVGH has positioned itself at the forefront of innovative clinical trials and research.

Clinicl Trial Expertise

Clinical trial for all major organ system disease of all vital organ systems

International Accreditation

美國臨床研究受試者保護評鑑協會AAHRPP認證(Full Reaccreditation)
美國醫療資訊暨管理系統協會(HIMSS)Stage 7 認證

GCP Inspection/audit

Taiwan FDA

What types of clinical trial do you conduct?




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