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衛生福利部桃園醫院Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry and Welfare

  • Total Beds1,052
  • Total Doctors213
  • AddressNo.1492, Zhongshan Rd., Taoyuan Dist.Taoyuan,Taoyuan City 330
  • ContactClinical Research Center, Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry and Welfare

1. A Focal (Flagship) Hospital dedicated in clinical research development.

2. In the COVID-19 pandemic, TYGH served as the gateway hospital for tourists and citizens entering Taiwan and conducted multiple clinical research related to COVID-19. Such research include, but not limited to: New drug development, NRICM0101 clinical trial, Quinine IIT, COVID-19 rapid antigen test…etc.

3. Collaborating with National Health Research Institute Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group to conduct cancer clinical research

Site Introduction

In order to encourage the development of biotechnology industry in Taiwan and to become the second Medical Center in Taoyuan City, Taoyuan General Hospital established the Clinical Research Center (CRC) in August, in 2018. We are new but continuously growing in providing high quality of service ; to secure compliance with Good Clinical Practice, ethics, regulatory contractual requirements by developing research policies and standards, as well as providing training and knowledge exchange opportunities to clinical investigators and other clinical research personnel.

Clinicl Trial Expertise

Infectious disease、Oncology、Chest、Nephrology、Cardiovascular disease、Chinese medicine

International Accreditation

GCP Inspection/audit



1. Since its establishment in 2018, the Clinical Research Center has collaborated with 39 domestic or international pharmaceutical companies, biotech consulting firms, contract research organizations, and national research institutes, and had conducted 62 clinical trials of medical devices and investigational medications (ranging from phase 1 to phase 4) combined.
2. Located in the center of Taoyuan City, It is with convenient transportation. In addition to being the gateway hospital for Taoyuan International airport, TYGH is also the designated hospital for TB prevention and treatment, AIDS treatment and care, COVID-19, high-risk pregnancy, and Emergency Response and Server Emergency Responsibility Hospital to serve and protect the health of the people.
3. Being the "Medical and Health Technology Innovation R&D Cooperating Hospital" of the National Health Research Institutes, TYGH is dedicated to promoting academic research cooperation and talent cultivation; Moreover, the Cancer Center of the hospital cooperates with the "Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group" (TCOG) to conduct cancer-related clinical trials to strengthen medical research and the development of novel medical technology.
4. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, TYGH had had collaborated with the National Health Research Institutes to participate in the project of collecting specimens of SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia and had cared for the most COVID-19 patients in the country. TYGH collected more than 30% of the total specimens nationwide. Meanwhile, adhering to the central policy, in collaboration with 11 ministerial hospitals, the clinical trial of chloroquine in the treatment of novel coronavirus infection initiated by the investigators was carried out and was not only published in international journals but also the Central Epidemic Command Center's formal report.
5. TYGH collaborated with several domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and trusted research institutions, domestic and abroad, to conduct clinical trials of COVID-19 drugs ranging from Phase II to Phase IV. These investigational medications included vaccines development, medications in various forms and doses to treat COVID-19, including oral medications, nasal sprays, intravenous injections, and subcutaneous injections… etc., in an attempt to discover effective drugs for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 as soon as possible.
6. In addition, in collaboration with the National Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TYGH conducted clinical research on Chinese medicine of Qing-guan No. 1 and No. 2 (NRICM0101 and NRICM0102 respectively). The distinguished result was published in a peer-reviewed international academic journal (Pharmacological Research). To combat the spread of COVID-19, TYGH also collaborated with Industrial Technology Research Institute and multiple biotech companies to conduct clinical trials validating COVID-19 antigen or antibody detection technology to increase the speed and accuracy of rapid detection of COVID-19 virus providing effective and convenient tools for early diagnosis of COVID-19 in time of the pandemic.




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