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臺北醫學大學聯合臨床試驗中心Joint Clinical Research Center, Taipei Medical University

  • Total Beds2,648
  • Total Doctors922
  • Address3F., No. 301, Yuantong Rd.,Zhonghe,New Taipei City 235
  • ContactHui-Hsin Cheng (Deputy Director)
  • Phone Number+886-2-6620-2589 #15315

1. Single administration system to operate IRB, contracting and trial management of multi-center clinical trial.

2. Provide academic clinical trial organization (ARO) services to assist the biomedical industry with a complete biomedical acceleration system from pharmaceutical development, clinical trials to product launch.

3. TMU Healthcare System has been accredited by AAHRPP Full Accreditation third and followed ICH-GCP guideline.

Site Introduction

To manage clinical trials in 3 affiliated hospitals, TMU launched Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC) and successfully introduced trials jointly accepted by the 3 affiliated hospitals.

Therefore, JCRC as one of departments of the Office of Human Research (OHR) plays the most important role in clinical research. We used Single-Window system to take all the clinical trial business in which the three affiliated hospitals can conducting trial simultaneously. OHR also incorporated JIRB for the ethical review service. This JIRB can be accepted by 3 hospitals at the same time through a single review process, which reduce many unnecessary times to process redundant application procedure. In addition, TMU JIRB is MOHW accredited central IRB (cIRB) review board. In order to ensure the quality of the clinical trials, we have a Data Safety Management Session (DSMS) to be responsible for data audit and safety monitoring. To conducting clinical research effortlessly, we established Joint Biobank (JBB) to collect clinical specimens from 3 hospitals. These specimens provide resources for clinical research. JBB also deliver high-end precision diagnosis for clinical services.

Taipei Medical University Healthcare system manage the international and national collaboration by providing AI Medicare with big data analysis for the drug development, cell therapy, and precision medicine. We also operate the medical professional as one team to include our scientists, clinical research centers, and clinical trial professionals for the conducting of international clinical trials.

Clinicl Trial Expertise

Oncology、Thoracis Medicine、Neurology、Infectious Disease、Renal Urology、AI in Medicine、Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine、Medical Devices、Metabolism、Rheumatology、Rare Disease、Health Volunteer(phase I)、dermatology、Cardiovascular diseases

International Accreditation


GCP Inspection/audit

US FDA, PMDA and Malaysia FDA inspections with no major finding.

What types of clinical trial do you conduct?



Taipei Medical University established a comprehensive accelerator system for the incubation, clinical trial, industrialization and commercialization of any biomedical products. This system provides a foundation for the successful business development of the national and international biomedical researches.
(1) TMU has linked up with 11 alliance hospitals in Taiwan, and actively cooperates with the alliance hospitals to implement clinical trials commissioned by manufacturers and initiated by physicians themselves. (2) Adhere to the single window system to serve domestic and foreign manufacturers, and proactively visit various biomedical parks. (3) Through the ARO service model, we will fully guide the domestic new biomedical industry to develop the research and development capacity of new drugs and new medical materials. (4) Through the Office of Data Science of TMU, we continue to promote structured electronic medical records in hospitals affiliated to the Taipei Medical University system to build a complete real data database.




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