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高雄長庚紀念醫院臨床試驗中心Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Clinical Trial Center

  • Total Beds2,691
  • Total Doctors586
  • AddressNo.123, Ta-Pei Road,Niaosong,Kaohsiung City 833
  • ContactChangChien Chia-Min
  • Phone Number+886-7-7317123#6417

1. Reinforce management of clinical trial and simplify pre-implementation process

2. Establish comprehensive clinical trial training programs and encourage investigator to conduct investigator-initiating clinical researches with high industrial value and innovation

3. Implement subject protection programs and improve potential subject’s awareness of clinical trial.

Site Introduction

The clinical trial center (CTC) in Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital was set up in 2014,the aims of project are listed as follows:

  1. Reinforcement of clinical trial management: CTC will gradually complete early-phase clinical trial equipment, providing clinical trial ward and sample-processing room in case of study needs. CTC will organize skilled and experienced clinical research nurses (CRN) in house, encouraging CRN to join the official union, building up the core professional projects of CRN, and carry out clinical trial talent training and implementation of subject protection operations.
  2. Intensify clinical trial power and quality: CTC will enhance the quality of PI-initiated clinical trials and set up internal quality control process. CTC will collect and organize all PI-initiated trials, estimating the time required for each service, and the matters needing attention during the counseling process, and establishes a standard operating procedure accordingly. Construct clinical trial statistics and data management system: CTC will build up an online system of randomized number grouping to improve the execution quality of PI-initiated studies.

Clinicl Trial Expertise

Hematology&Oncology 、Chest Medicine、Gastroentrology&Hepatology

International Accreditation

GCP Inspection/audit

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