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彰化基督教醫療財團法人彰化基督教醫院 臨床試驗中心Changhua Christian Medical Foundation Changhua Christian Hospital Clinical Trial Center

  • Total Beds1,648
  • Total Doctors654
  • Address10F, First Medical Building, No.135, Nanxiao St.,Changhua City,Changhua County 500

1. Conduct about 150 new drug clinical trials every year

2. Changhua Christian healthcare system includes 6 district hospitals and 1 cooperation hospital , set up an excellent referral system

3. Full Accreditation Awarded by AAHRPP

Site Introduction

  1. CTC began running clinical trials in 2000, then afterwards set up a clinical trial center in 2007. For the trial management and implement, followed the “Good Clinical Practice” (GCP) to conduct human trial and welfare of subjects.
  2. Passed the ACRP Certified CRC and passed the TACRN (Taiwan Academy of Clinical Research Nurses) Certified CRN.
  3. Towards the specialization of clinical research nurses, set up a back-up method.
  4. Established education training program‚ set up of standard operating procedures.
  5. One-Stop contact window service
  6. Excellent software and hardware equipment
  7. Independent environment for clinical trial subjects

Clinicl Trial Expertise

Breast cancer, hematological oncology, Chest medicine, gastrointestinal hepatobiliary, Rheumatology, cardiovascular, endocrinology, Neurology

International Accreditation

  1. Accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) in 2008, and Reaccredited in 2011 and 2014, 1st Hospital in Taiwan Accredited by 7th JCI (Joint Commission International) in 2017.
  2. Full Accreditation Awarded by AAHRPP (Association for Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program) in 2015 and Reaccredited in 2018.

GCP Inspection/audit

TFDA inspection with no major finding

What types of clinical trial do you conduct?



  1. 臨床研究護理師專科化:

  2. 人體研究專案管理系統:

  3. 單一窗口服務流程:




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